The Blog is Back….

Ah computers… Tried to improve on the blog site for Ptownwest and ended up crashing it for a day or 2, just when we were getting started! So we are back up and more topics coming soon…

So since it is lateĀ and I am having a writers block here… I will throw it out to the readers… What is on your mind?



  1. jeanmarie says:

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) _ A bill that would have barred recognition of same-sex marriages in Wyoming died Wednesday in the state Senate.

    We are not going to let them take back what we have worked so hard for across the country. NH people stand up and protect your fellow citizens and their right to marry!

  2. admin says:

    Pretty amazing that it did not make more of the news. So very sad, we do get lulled into a sense of accepting and security in MA that does not exist everywhere.

  3. jeanmarie says:

    I just found out, a little behind the times that a transgendered woman was horribly attacked in Chelsea on Feb 27th and taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. She remains in critical condition. This is why we need to stay connected. We need to keep working together. Things are not all peace and happiness here in Massachusetts for LGBT people and families.
    If we in Massachusetts are to be a beacon for the rest of the country in LGBT harmonious living , we must come together and support one another.We have to stay united and work together to end violence and discrimination for ourselves and our families. STOP the HATE!