Gov. Patrick Of MA names openly Gay married judge to SJC

Liberty and Justice for all!

I don’t know about you, but I just love it. I just love it.  I just love it!  Barbara A. Lenk, married after the legalization of Gay marriage  in Massachusetts now appointed to the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Calling it a “wonderful coincidence” the Governor said she has the credentials and she is a woman who came up from the roots of  hard working, but poor Polish Immigrants. She herself says her “full life”  makes her “someone who brings sympathy and understanding from inside and outside the main stream”   She also said ” As a judge, my only allegiance is to the rule of law and to fair and equal treatment of all who come before the court.’’  Read more in the Boston Globe

Globe Staff / April 5, 2011

By Noah Bierman

If confirmed, Lenk would be the first openly gay member of the Massachusetts high court and just one of a handful of openly gay state supreme court justices in the country, according to gay rights advocates.