Where is it Safe?

In my travels to hot spots around the country, at LGBT clubs and bars, I am asked by many, where is it safe?  In fact,  I have found a number of people around the country who hit on our website and are trying to find safe and comfortable, free feeling, LGBT locations outside of Provincetown, Massachusetts.  Now, Lesbians and Gay men, and transgendered people who have traveled to comfortable places around the globe, all tell me the same thing, there’s no place that feels quite like Provincetown, Massachusetts.  We’ve got to expand that natural feeling of “no place like home” to other spots around the globe, but not just nightspots, we need whole towns and communities.

Because we live and operate out of Massachusetts,  everyone expects that when they log onto PTOWNWEST.COM they are going to find additional places, where they can kiss goodbye in public, hold hands and feel all around comfortable.  My wife and I, since we got married in 2007 have been kissing goodbye and embracing in public where-ever and whenever we feel safe.  So, I thought this would be a great blog we could all participate in.  Where do you feel safe?  To be really comfortable, it means we have be able to make those connections that are PDA’s – Public Displays of Affection that are warm, like holdings hands or hugging or kissing.  I have felt safe being out “like a straight person” or  a “straight couple” in just a few cities.    Places where my wife and I have managed to pull this off and feel safe and comfortable include: Logan Airport, Boston,MA,  Cambridge MA, Brookline, MA, Provincetown, MA,  Northampton, MA, Broadway  in NYC, Portsmouth, NH and Ogunquit, ME.  Where else are you comfortable?  Let us know so we can share it with others.

We look forward to working with you to claim a more friendly and loving world for all of us.