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Same Love

I was driving in my car a few weeks ago and a song on the radio came on and got my attention.  It was “Same Love” by Hip-Hop artist Macklemore.  My first impression was “oh yeah, some artist trying to write a tune about the gay community” but after listening to the entire song,  I was impressed.  When I returned home, I searched on google to learn more about the artists’ incentive to write it. Mackelmore grew up with 2 gay uncles on Capital Hill in Seattle Washington and has been around the gay community all his life.  He realizes that the only way to stop the gay community from being oppressed is to “talk about it, write about it” and bring it to the front of the class!   It’s sad to me, that we, as a family, are still a “novelty” that needs to be “fixed”.   Gay marriage, equal opportunities, equal rights, the freedom to be who we are…. is it that so difficult to accept?   We have come a long way but the road ahead is still one that is being paved.  It’s artists like Macklemore that help tremendously to make a difference.   Different?  Difference!