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Do we need Gay Pride?

As we are in the midst of gay pride celebrations around the world I was looking over a great list of pride event links on Ptownwest.com (ptownwest.com/prideevents.html)  it is a great list from around the world and I was thinking about Gay Pride. I live in a fairly gay friendly area of the U.S. In general gay people are fairly mainstreamed in society (at least in some areas), do we need gay pride? Some say it is to create awareness of gay rights and improve understanding and acceptance of gay individuals. But I think it is more important as a means of maintaining a community. As much as we want to assimilate and become just another facet of society, I think it is also important to maintain a sense of culture and community. The joy and fun I experience when I attend a pride event or a gathering or other event reminds me that we are indeed a culture with our own unique customs and history.

We can’t forget what some of our senior members have fought to get us where we are today. I was not at Stonewall, in fact I was probably bopping out to Davy Jones at the time and “coming out” was a good 30 years away for me but I certainly can appreciate what those brave people did to get us where we are today: no more DOMA, many states and a few more countries legalizing gay marriage, television shows where characters happen to be gay (not just the butt of a joke), acceptance of gays in the military and the boy scouts and openly gay politicians. All thanks to our brave family that got us to where we are today.

We still need Gay Pride, we are a unique culture and these events are important to connect and help all of us be Loud and Proud!