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I have been on several family gay cruises and have seen so many happy families with well respected kids that were so well cared for by their 2 dads or 2 moms.

I have a stepson that has gone on the cruises with us and at 20 years old he still asks when can we go again. On one of these cruises they had a teen rap section to discuss living in a gay family. We asked him if he wanted to go he said “no need, I have no issues”. To him we are a happy family and he has “no issues”.

Watching these happy kids so well cared for really strikes a nerve when Florida will not let gay couples adopt. There are so many kids that deserve loving homes and the attention they need. It makes me so sad to see loving families that want to adopt a child that are denied on the basis of whom they love. The fact that kids can be left to languish in the foster system instead of being put into a healthy loving home is a horrible statement about our societies values.