Pink Triangle

This has no particular current relevance.
Last year I was at the holocaust museum in DC. I found an interesting origin of a common symbol in our culture, the pink triangle. Perhaps this is something that I should have known and I am just woefully ignorant of our history. But in case others are as unaware as I, here is the history of the pink triangle, not a happy one. In addition to the well-known yellow Star of David which Jewish persons were forced to wear under the Nazi regime, there were many other badges to force all unwanted groups to be visually identified.
For example red triangles were political prisoners including liberals, communists, trade unionists, among others. Purple triangles: Jehovah Witnesses. Black Triangles:”Anti-social elements” included mentally ill, Alcoholics, Pacifists, Prostitutes, Lesbians(!)
This system of badges had various combinations and notations
The pink triangle was forced on homosexual males sent to concentration camps because of their homosexuality. Every prisoner had to wear a downward-pointing triangle on his or her jacket. These men were treated with extreme cruelty by the Nazis and by other prisoners. They led an extremely grueling existence.
The downward-pointing pink triangle was originally intended as a badge of shame, the pink triangle now inverted from its Nazi usage has been reclaimed as an international symbol of gay pride and the gay rights.


Our President is right…Love is Love, by Kelly Ann

Our President is right…Love is Love,

written by Kelly Ann, a sister in law to two of the founders at

When I was 19 years old and engaged to be married, my future sister-in-law came out to her parents.  In my youth, my naivety, and ignorance, I did not accept or understand what her being gay meant.  I was young, virginal, and just learning about my own sexuality, and the concept of someone being gay was foreign to me.  For many years after I got married, I still struggled to understand, and in my misunderstanding, people that I love were hurt.

As I began to mature, and have children of my own, I learned that homosexuality, is no different than heterosexuality.  You love who you love.  My children had friends who came out at my kitchen table, they never felt alienated in our home.  I learned acceptance, and that everyone should be free to love the person of their choosing, no matter what gender.  If a child of mine ever came out to me, I would embrace them with love and acceptance, and wish them happiness. 

Now over 25 years later, I have the best in-laws.  My sister-in-law is married to a wonderful woman, whom I love as a sister as well.  They have a beautiful blended family.  My brother-in-law is married to a wonderful man whom I love as another brother.  I am proud to call them my family, and I am even prouder that, they live in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, where their marriages are recognized as legal and binding.  Our president is right….Love is Love



On the left

Recently my partner and I were having a discussion about being left-handed in a parochial school. Less than 30 years ago lefties were discriminated against, forced to use their right hand and often physically abused in an attempt to turn them into righties in Catholic schools. Ludacrious right??! So what was the origin of this discrimination. Well there are numerous references in many cultures equating left-handedness with evil, left-handed kids were told they were “of the devil”. The biblical references are obscure and minimal, yet a whole group was discriminated against and abused based upon these references. Do you see any correlation here? A few disputable and vague biblical references are used as the basis to discriminate against a group of people. See a correlation here? Can a lefty “choose” to be a righty? Of course not! Can “reparative therapy” (such as tying up the left hand, or being hit repeatedly on the left hand with a ruler) change a lefty to a righty? Preposterous! There is just as much science and evidence to support the inate nature of being right or left-handed as there is to the inate nature of being gay. Maybe some day future generations will look back and be horrified at the treatment and discrimination of gay people in the same way that we look back at the absurd discrimination of lefties in the not-so-distant past.


Where is it Safe?

In my travels to hot spots around the country, at LGBT clubs and bars, I am asked by many, where is it safe?  In fact,  I have found a number of people around the country who hit on our website and are trying to find safe and comfortable, free feeling, LGBT locations outside of Provincetown, Massachusetts.  Now, Lesbians and Gay men, and transgendered people who have traveled to comfortable places around the globe, all tell me the same thing, there’s no place that feels quite like Provincetown, Massachusetts.  We’ve got to expand that natural feeling of “no place like home” to other spots around the globe, but not just nightspots, we need whole towns and communities.

Because we live and operate out of Massachusetts,  everyone expects that when they log onto PTOWNWEST.COM they are going to find additional places, where they can kiss goodbye in public, hold hands and feel all around comfortable.  My wife and I, since we got married in 2007 have been kissing goodbye and embracing in public where-ever and whenever we feel safe.  So, I thought this would be a great blog we could all participate in.  Where do you feel safe?  To be really comfortable, it means we have be able to make those connections that are PDA’s – Public Displays of Affection that are warm, like holdings hands or hugging or kissing.  I have felt safe being out “like a straight person” or  a “straight couple” in just a few cities.    Places where my wife and I have managed to pull this off and feel safe and comfortable include: Logan Airport, Boston,MA,  Cambridge MA, Brookline, MA, Provincetown, MA,  Northampton, MA, Broadway  in NYC, Portsmouth, NH and Ogunquit, ME.  Where else are you comfortable?  Let us know so we can share it with others.

We look forward to working with you to claim a more friendly and loving world for all of us.


“New York, New York”

Let’s hope the lyrics hold true… “If I can make it here, I’ll make it anywhere…”  The 6th state to allow gay marriage may have a national impact. Imagine that, allowing Americans to have equal rights!


UN backs gay rights for first time ever!

GENEVA – The United Nations endorsed the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender people for the first time ever Friday, passing a resolution hailed as historic by the U.S. and other backers and decried by some African and Muslim countries.

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In March, the U.S. issued a nonbinding declaration in favor of gay rights that gained the support of more than 80 countries at the U.N. In addition, Congress recently repealed the ban on gays openly serving in the military, and the Obama administration said it would no longer defend the constitutionality of the U.S. law that bars federal recognition of same-sex marriage….

Ok my friends we are one step closer to true equality…